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From J-E-L-L-O to Rainscreen Shop Drawings!

While working a late night in the pursuit of getting deliverables out to clients as ahead of schedule as possible, I decided to make a treat for my family to wake up to.

My Grandma’s J-E-L-L-O!

I realized this reminded me of my work, CLADDING & RAINSCREEN SHOP DRAWINGS. What I had made (like Grandma) would definitely be enough to make my kiddos happy. I had the Strawberry Jello and the fruit my Grandma likes in hers. Just then I thought, how about a few honeycrisp apple bits, small enough my 1 year old can enjoy…

Providing my services to the best of my abilities for my clients, I always want to do my very best. Happy clients = more work & more referrals!

1. The drawings must be as accurate as the information provided to me, 1/16 inch precision (FV – Field Verified).

2. The drawings must comply with the manufacturer's requirements and the project engineer’s design.

3. As time allows, make the set as pleasant and easy to read as possible. Aesthetics!

Then always in the goal of providing as much value to my clients with accurate and efficient drawings, sometimes a new idea pops up that might provide new value to the project. Cost savings, more efficient installation guidelines, or more detailing in the set than before or more detailed material take-offs! Sometimes the added items to my shops are a hit and get used in future projects and sometimes they might need some adjustments.

As far as the JELLO goes, I can always put some whip cream on top!

Here’s to a good morning & Happy Cladding!


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